Podium Construction is a professional custom home construction company.  We specialize in building energy efficient, sustainable and affordable high quality homes. These concepts combine both high quality service (environmentally friendly design & construction management) and product (high energy efficient).

Clients will be assured their exact design concepts will be upheld throughout the construction phase with the highest standards. One of Podium Construction many policies include, exceeding the client’s expectations, to allow them to have the best lifestyle while being sustainable.

We are a company that is sensitive to family interactions, safety, converging lifestyles, emerging technologies and environmental responsibility. Today’s sophisticated homeowners not only demand to be treated in a truly professional manner, they deserve it. Our goal is to build homes and neighborhoods that are diverse and original.

We believe that building houses that are more sustainable is a major part of construction. This includes living in harmony with the natural environment, considering the social, environmental and economic aspects of decisions, and reducing our footprint through a less energy, water and material intensive lifestyle.

Customer Care

We take care over every new home and development that we design and build. We at Podium Construction are committed to ensuring that you receive a high quality of service and product.  We want you to have a positive experience and joy, purchasing your new home.

When you buy a home from Podium Construction, you can be  assured that the home is built in accordance to very high standard of design and quality workmanship. Our house building practices ensures low impact to the environment.

As your home builder we will:

  • Provide you with full details and clear information about your chosen home.
  • Be available to answer any questions you may have during the whole process.
  • Assist you in choosing what is best for you when building your home.
  • Provide you with health and safety advice to minimize the risk of any danger and hazards during construction, as well as when moving in.
  • Keep you fully informed about the completion and occupation of your new home.
  • Ensure that the functions and facilities are demonstrated to you before you move in.
  • Inform you that we’re available for contact if anything is needed after you move in to your home.

Building a Home

Your home is your future and a foundation for new memories, and we are dedicated to providing you with more opportunities to build and design your new home from start to finish. The details are subject to your decisions and there is no settling for less than what meets your satisfaction.

Podium Construction offers a variety of floor plans and different living styles with many features, whether its a fireplace or a big swimming pool. While purchasing an old home may lead you to inherit the former homeowner’s faulty appliances and costly renovations, investing in a new home is complimented with innovative, quality and warranties as well as energy saving features. Podium Construction offers the access to what is latest in modern design, home automation and technological applications.

Moving in Your New Home

Avoid the stress of rushed, unorganised packing and moving along with unfinished termination fees, whether you wish to move in as soon as possible or a few months down the road,Podium Construction can make it happen for your benefit. From the foundation of your home until the end, our associates work together to help you obtain your dream home.