About Us

A little bit of our past achievements in the construction industry.

Over the last 10 years we have built homes and created communities for families to grow and thrive. Building on our vast experience, you can expect that and more from us in the future.

We are proud of the care and quality that goes into each new home we build. We use our customer feedback to continually improve and enhance what we offer to our customers as a company. Some people prefer a quiet country home while others prefer the convenience of urban living. We try our best to find the perfect location that suits your needs.

We design our homes for real people and through or years of experience, we have discovered that every individual has their unique style. This is why we offer as many different options as possible, and let you make the choices of fixtures, fittings and extras things that fit your family and lifestyle.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver the best homes where your family can live quality lives - comfortably in a safe home.

Podium Construction strives to maintain a high standard of excellence and professionalism in the domestic building industry. We take great pride in providing a superior quality product to our clients at a fair and reasonable price.

We ensure that clients are kept informed of developments during every stage of the building process. In this way, clients feel confident that their needs are being met.

Our primary goal is to construct a building which meets or exceeds the client’s expectations in relation to:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Design
  • Environment
  • Function